Wireless Solutions

Wireless technology is the future. Providing all the functionality of a wired LAN, but without the constraints of a cabled connection, they give network users the flexibility to move around unrestricted within a broad coverage area, whilst still being connected to the network.

We design and integrate wireless infrastructures for leading companies across all industry sectors. Whether you’re looking for a simple internal wireless network, an external line of sight link or a full meshed campus network Phoenix can tailor a solution that will best suit your needs.

“All the functionality of a wired LAN but without the constraints.”

Wireless LAN Structure

Wireless LAN’s can be stand-alone systems, or integrated into an existing network infrastructure. Provide your organization with a high-speed secure wireless network that will allow your workforce to be flexible and mobile. Whether you have a single office or a worldwide network, you can stay mobile and connected.

Line of Sight

A wireless networking solution from Phoenix will provide fast, secure connectivity for data voice and video to remote buildings and locations around the area. Phoenix can offer solutions operations at long distances, giving high availability and both near and non line-of-sight technology.

Non Line of Sight

Meshed or point-to-multipoint systems can extend network areas with a non line-of-sight coverage – especially useful in places where the environment changes frequently like docks, depots, campuses and city environments. With wireless mesh technology, you can build an outdoor wireless network for private or public purposes.

Supported systems for Wireless Solutions