Fibre Optic Systems

Fibre optic cabling provides the backbone of your network. Phoenix provide fibre optic installation that suits your needs. From direct onsite termination to pre terminated offsite solutions. Connecting data centre to core and edge locations.

With its immunity from electromagnetic interference (EMI), fibre optic cabling provides a high-security link for all your data. An effective solution for inter-building links and other connections, the material stretches beyond the maximum 90m for a copper structured cabling system,

Phoenix is a long-standing, recognised installer of fibre optics and pride ourselves on meeting all of our customers’ cabling briefs, ensuring every system we design and install will last well into the future.

“Our structured cabling solutions will stand up today and tomorrow.”

We will always provide an accurate assessment of your cabling requirements, and carry each project out to your desired specifications. We commission and install various types of fibre solutions, from traditional Multi and Single Mode through to Blown Fibre Solutions.

Our comprehensive range of fibre optic cabling provides high-speed, reliable data connection over long distances. In addition to the full range of fibre optic test gear and networking accessories, we stock an extensive range of Fibre Optic patch leads and pigtails in a number of fibres, lengths, colours and termination types.

Supported systems for Fibre Optic Systems