Phoenix is the leading innovative converged network installer across the UK.

Originally established as a network cabling contractor, the Phoenix brand quickly magnified into a full converged network solutions company with a diverse client base spanning the country.

Founded in 1996, Phoenix is now at the heart of the network communications industry. In a sector that is constantly changing and always overshadowed by economic pressures, our stability is testament to our skill and duration as a business.

We understand the importance of a client’s expectations. That’s why we work seamlessly to deliver a reliable service, to a manageable timescale and within budget. Phoenix will manage your entire project, from start to finish, with the highest standards.

Phoenix understands that every project is unique. We work tirelessly to deliver each client’s bespoke specifications. As incumbent installer for several institutions, we are relied upon to deliver communications services with a strong portfolio that stretches into the future.

Our partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers ensure we are always offering the latest products. We have been ISO 9001:2008 certified for 13 years and given the BSI kitemark. The high standards required to achieve this kitemark are consistently upheld throughout the organisation.


Values are integral to us at Phoenix. We pride ourselves on always delivering the highest quality service and consistently developing industry-led processes.

As a dynamic company we love to push our boundaries – technically challenging ourselves to ensure we are always at the forefront of innovative network communication.

We are the experts. We know how to deliver, no matter what the scope of the project. Our portfolio has seen us successfully execute projects across a range of industries including construction, health and education, retail and manufacturing, finance, legal and government PFI contracts. We strive for quality and safety. This is why we train our staff to the highest standards, to ensure they employ the latest skills. We also ensure we are appropriately accredited, to allow our customers peace of mind in our reputation.

Our network spans across the country with over 70-employees, in-house or on the road. We pride ourselves in promoting ethical and friendly working conditions, with a commitment to growing and developing each of our employees – a sense of family underpinning everything we stand for.