Telephone Systems

Communications are critical to your business and it's good to talk. Phoenix provide scalable telephone solutions that are tailored to your business and suit your needs.

Phoenix understands that your solutions need to keep your company competitive, flexible and connected to your customers in a way that is both efficient and profitable. Our services ensure long-term value and piece of mind.

Our portfolio of systems includes:
Digital hybrid systems
IP (or VoIP) telephone systems
Wireless systems
Multi-site systems creating a virtual ‘single office’
Systems connected with remote or home-based staff

“Communications are critical to your business”

Our solutions encompass all systems: from the smallest office to call-centres to multinational organisations. We provide scalable systems that grow with your company, from a single site all the way multi-site placements. We can install simple analogue lines through to leased lines and fibre optics.

Supported systems for Telephone Systems