IP CCTV and Security

We understand that to many businesses, a seamlessly functioning security system is imperative. Phoenix offers a comprehensive security range including products, systems and expert services.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional CCTV and security system, or want to upgrade to an IP based system, we are the service provider with the answer.

Phoenix prides itself on an innovative approach to installations. Your existing analogue system can be migrated and expanded to an IP network efficiently with our solutions. Our expertise positions us at the forefront of the market to deliver a fully integrated bespoke security solution.

“A seamlessly-functioning security system is imperative.”


Choose from our extensive range of IP cameras and networking equipment: from low-priced entry-level systems to high spec HD and thermal imaging setup. IP camera systems work hand-in-hand with modern wireless technology to introduce a level of flexibility and scalability that cannot be achieved with legacy systems.


Considered the primary security solution for many of our customers, Access Control is an integral feature involving conditional door entry, access to restricted areas and more. At Phoenix we understand how to deliver this using the most flexible and robust IP based access control systems.


Phoenix offers the latest in science and technological solutions. Biometrics is the science of measuring and analysing biological data and human body characteristics, such as fingerprints, eye retinas and irises, voice and facial patterns and hand measurements for authentication purposes. Biometric verification is becoming increasingly common in corporate and public security systems.

Supported systems for IP CCTV and Security