Comms Room Services

Comms Rooms and an essential part of your network. Phoenix design and install state-of-the-art new computer rooms, and can upgrade your existing ones to cope with the advancements of the latest IT technology.

Working with private businesses, public sector organisations and large corporations, we handle everything: from architectural and planning services, health and safety, to design, construction and maintenance, supply and installation of all components and configuration.

Phoenix site-manage the entire project, leaving you without the burden of responsibility and ensuring a fully operational facility that is delivered on time and budget.

Our design process encompasses all of your IT and Business requirements, creating a comprehensive blueprint that fully-defines the bespoke computer room to be constructed or refurbished. We include all details to a granular level and guarantee the final result exceeds your expectations.

We are independent of any manufacturer, providing the best components to suit your application.

Our portfolio of services include:
Server racks, frames and accessories
Data and server cabinets
Hot and cold aisle containment
Power distribution and lighting
Air conditioning, condensers and chillers
Fire detection and suppression
Environmental monitoring systems
Water leak detection
Security and access control
Raised floors
UPS systems

“Ensuring a fully-operational facility that is delivered on time and budget.”

Phoenix’s computer room design, installation and upgrades result in a fully operational facility that is ready for your critical IT Servers and Network.

Supported systems for Comms Room Services